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A Legacy of Excellence Since 2008

Craving for a seafood feast? Dive into the ocean of flavors at Sallet Al Sayad, the ultimate seafood restaurant in Dubai, serving the city’s most succulent and delectable seafood dishes since 2008. Embark on an unforgettable culinary journey, captivated by the allure of fresh, premium seafood masterfully infused with authentic Arabian flavors. Our unwavering dedication to quality and the freshest ingredients sets the stage for a dining experience that’s nothing short of extraordinary. Elevate your taste buds and discover why we’re the seafood sensation that’s capturing the town’s imagination. Don’t just take our word for it—come savor the extraordinary experience!!
Sea Treasures

Sea Treasures

Dubbed as the best seafood restaurant in Dubai, Sallet Al Sayad Restaurant prides itself on its exceptional quality and unparalleled dining experience. Our customers’ positive feedback and high ratings across various platforms, including Google, are a testament to our continued commitment to excellence. We’ve not only set a high standard for quality but have also garnered the trust and admiration of our patrons. From the moment you step into our elegant establishment, you’ll be escorted to a realm where the sea meets the city, where the aroma of the ocean mingles with the hustle and bustle of Dubai.

Sea Treasures


What They're Saying

Lana MousaLana Mousa
16:09 08 Oct 23
Jeann ColumnaJeann Columna
15:45 08 Oct 23
فهد خيارىفهد خيارى
15:43 08 Oct 23
Ihab BazziIhab Bazzi
14:09 08 Oct 23
Nikolas TrNikolas Tr
17:32 02 Oct 23
The staff soo attentive and nice. And helpful. Food was good and good price. Will definitely return.
Ahmed TahaAhmed Taha
11:36 23 Sep 23
The staff were excellent. The food was very fresh and felt like ti was caught the same day that i arrived. I tried the grilled shrimp and it just melts in your mouth with all the flavours. Highly recommended.
Moe BaaqilMoe Baaqil
19:11 21 Sep 23
Best sea food in Dubai and well priced. All sea food are fresh and yummy.The staff is very welcoming. The manager Adnan and the waiter Khalid ensured our satisfaction.Thank you.
Anzel Mae CastorAnzel Mae Castor
13:37 12 Sep 23
Had a chance to celebrate my special day with Sallet. Sumptuous food that will be love by all nationality and we both had a great time here. Thank you for celebrating with me. 🎂🎉❤️
LaJazz JacksonLaJazz Jackson
13:06 04 Sep 23
Sallet Al Sayad is the restaurant we've been to so far in Dubai.We ordered the Seafood Alfredo and Seafood Rice. They were both delectable! They brought out bread and vegetables for our starters. The garlic bread and garlic sauce were our favorites. They also brought out fruit and cake for our dessert after our entre.The service was outstanding as well. They were so nice and polite. I would highly recommend this restaurant for everyone to try while visiting Dubai.

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